about me


I don't like excuses. I love asking questions to learn about new stuff everyday. I do care about my RELATIONSHIP with my friends.

I always make sure I have a good enough technical level to fulfil my tasks, which is not always easy, but life isn't neither. I have some huge crazy DREAMS, and I'm trying to be UNIQUE in The word,

I think about idea each and every day, and when I fall, I remember why I started, to tell myself that the biggest loss is not to TRY. I have a beautiful family, I love them too much, and I try to make them proud of me.

I learn something valuable from all of the significant events and friends, but I never touch my true potential until I challenge myself to go beyond imposed limitations.


Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, Sankt Augustin, Germany.

Master Autonomous Systems.
- 2019-2020 -

National School For Computer Science(ENSIAS - UM5), Rabat, Morocco.

Engineering Student Mobile Embedded Systems.
- 2017-2019 -

University Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah Fez, Morocco

Bachelor’s degree,faculty of sciences Fez Dhar EL MEHRAZ (Mathematical and Computer Sciences).
- 2014-2017 -

Sidi Brahim High School, FEZ, Morocco

Baccalaureate of Mathematical Sciences.
- 2013/2014 -


Embedded IoT Engineer


Artificial Intelligence Engineering Student


Embedded Systems Engineering Student


Software Designer & Developer



IEEE ENSAF Student Branch

Co-founder and Mentor of Student Branch (2019-2020).

IEEE ENSIAS Student Branch

Mentor of Student Branch (2019-2020).

IEEE ENSIAS Student Branch

Chair of Program Committee (2018-2019).


Chair of ENSIAS Bridge Club.


Member of Program Committee.

my skills


Software Development

C / C++ / JAVA / Python

I am a professional software developer and preferably in C / C++, but I know Python and Java, too. When designing software architectures, I have a strong focus on modularity, performance and utilizing design patterns. I like program devices with or without OSes.


Data Science

Numpy / Tensorflow / Keras / OpenCV

I'm an advanced analytics and data visualisation, I worked in some projects for predicting Nuts, Traffic Sign, dust detecting in Solar Panel (Computer Vision), detect SPAM emails, and deepFake detecting videos (ML/DL) also in NLP. The project uses Python and classical algorithms.


Embedded Technologies

STM32 / VHDL / Arduino / Raspberry

I'm an Embedded systems engineer, and a Maker. I believe that creative engineering solutions can be applied to solve the toughest problems. To that end, I apply myself to telecommunication and embedded systems and/or IOT in addition to the spirit of analysis and design tools that help me overcome every challenge and solve many problems.



MATLAB/ Engineering Safe and Secure/ Driven Engineering

When you did a lot of projects, I consider agile development using ticket-based systems like Scrum or Kanban and methods like continuous integration and i need to write a clean code and realible as the key for building and delivering an awesome product.

Embedded Systems

What I Do

(Hard/Soft)ware Developer

Recent developments in mobile computing mean that many applications that used to be limited to the cloud can now run on mobile devices and other embedded systems with lower latency, better battery and even when offline.

recent works



  • Pr. Omar El Beqqali(PES),Department of Computer Science and Mathematics,University of Sidi Md Ben AbdEllah

    I have had the pleasure of working (3 years) with Mr JAMALI and have been extremely impressed with both the quality of his work and his education.

  • Pr. Aissam Berrahou the National School of Computer Science and Systems Analysis, Mohammed V University

    JAMALI Hatim has demonstrated enthusiasm, curiosity and a great vivacity of spirit.He is a serious student and full of initiatives. The work he did in his project, Machine Learning, was remarkable and very creative. I particularly appreciate his constant dynamism and his playful temperament that suggests a determined student to achieve his goals.

  • Hamza Tamenaoul My classmate in the National School of Computer Science and Systems Analysis, Mohammed V University

    Hatim Jamali was and is still one of the most influential people I have ever met. I learned a lot from him on a personal level through our friendship and on a professionnal by working by his side in ENSIAS BRIDGE and IEEE ENSIAS Student Branch.

  • Ismail Bellakbil My classmate in the National School of Computer Science and Systems Analysis, Mohammed V University

    What should I start with, there are so many positive things about it. First of all, this man is a true friend and before that, he is like a brother to me. Moreover, he always wants good and success for others, he thinks of others before himself (he does not show that). When we talk about work and seriousness, he is one of the best, even better in teamwork, he aims for the success of all. I guess we will never find anyone as good as Hatim in social life or in the professional environment.